A Minimalist, Integrated Ecosystem: Part 2

I previously wrote a post here on Hackerspace describing how I used various tactics to not only make my computer and phone look similar, but also sync over the air. Since then, I have made various changes in the interface I use, both in terms of the layout and the actual services I use. » 9/07/13 8:09pm 9/07/13 8:09pm

iOS: Find Out How Long It Took To Discharge Your Battery

The iOS Usage menu in the General Settings menu can tell you how long it's been since you last charged your phone. Anytime after your phone has reached 100% battery, unplug it and navigate to Settings > General > Usage, and scroll to where it says "Time since last full charge". Add up the "Usage" and "Standby" times… » 7/11/13 7:04pm 7/11/13 7:04pm

I had a quick question about posting on Hackerspace. For example, if I had a blog somewhere else, would it be okay to post stuff I had written there on Hackerspace, and vice-versa as well, as long as it's clear I had authored it and not copied somebody else's work? Thanks! » 7/11/13 1:12am 7/11/13 1:12am

Should You Use the Feedly iOS App or the Reeder App?

Feedly is a popular RSS Reader with many features. Among these are native iOS and Android apps. However, there are other iOS applications which can sync with Feedly. Although there are multiple options, in this post, I will only cover two: the native Feedly application and the recently-free Reeder app. » 7/04/13 4:28pm 7/04/13 4:28pm

Creating a Minimalist, Integrated Laptop-Phone Ecosystem

A couple of days ago, I decided to try an experiment and set up a Windows 7 Laptop and iPhone to not only look similar, but to also sync seamlessly between each other. In other words, I tried to create a unified experience between the two devices. » 6/21/13 7:04am 6/21/13 7:04am